We offer a home boarding service for those dogs that find kennels just that little too much. Most dog's will be absolutely fine in kennels and adapt very well, especially at The Fig Tree Kennels as we are such a small, relaxed and loving atmosphere. However there is that small percentage of fur-babies that just can't adapt to a kennel environment, so we decided to introduce a Home Boarding option. Your furbaby or babies,  get to enjoy our family environment, make new friends and enjoy nice walks in the local acrage and woods.  We treat them like one of the family and include them in our day to day lives!

They will receive one to one attention, enjoy supervised  group plays and take part in pack walks .

If your dog isn't dog friendly, we may still be able to help  so please don't hesitate to enquire.

Requirements for Home Boarding

We have a few guidelines to help maintain the health and safety of your pet. All Home boarding dogs need to be fully vaccinated as they will share the home and  outside gardens with other pets. Please see    POLICIES   for the vaccinations required.

We will only have up to 3 home boarders at anyone time, these may be from the same family or all individuals. If we have individual dogs from different families then ALL dogs MUST be dog friendly. They will NEVER be left unattended together, however they will be allowed to play and walk together. All dogs will be fed seperately and chews, toys and bones will be enjoyed seperately  too to avoid any confrontations.

We charge £25 per day for home boarders and a 10% discount will apply for a second dog from the same family and 15% discount for a third. Price includes food, bedding, toys etc if no 'special' diet is required.  

Please note that you will be charged for ALL days that you have  booked, even if you decide to collect earlier than planned. please see    POLICIES     for full details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Home Boarding